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SilverDrive’s Greet Service: A Unique Transport Service for High Profile Clients

Last updated on:
June 06, 2024
Greet service s class mercedes chauffeur service in amsterdam
Greet Service

For many people, travelling is a stressfull experience.

For diplomats, business leaders and other VIPs it can be even more demanding. On top of that, it is potentially unsafe. They need additional security and only the best service. With SilverDrive’s greet service we offer you ultimate comfort, security and time efficiency. Your VIP customers or guests will be picked up and seen to their luxurious transport from the instant they arrive. In this way, they feel welcomed, taken care of and assured.

What does SilverDrive’s Greet offer?

Greet is a supplementary service where a trained chauffeur will meet your guests or you at the airport, hotel, congress, event, seaport or any other agreed place. He will then personally greet you, carry luggage and escort you to your luxury car for a comfortable and hassle free transfer. Book this service now or check our fleet to select the best suited vehicle for your next guest.

Greet Service

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What are the advantages of SilverDrive’s Greet?

Personalised service

SilverDrive’s chauffeurs will give a friendly personalised welcome upon your arrival. They wait at the agreed meeting point and hold a name sign so that you or your guests can easily spot them. This makes them an exquisite choice for a greet service.

This personal welcome creates a friendly atmosphere and ensures a relaxed and comfortable journey.

Flawless service

All our chauffeurs receive the best professional training. They are used to the special requirements VIP clients have and offer discreet, friendly and effective assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a diplomat, business leader or a star – with our chauffeurs you can be sure that every requirement will be met with the utmost attention to detail.

Additional security

For those of our clients who need additional protection, our greet service offers additional security. Our chauffeurs have many years of experience in secure transportation and know all the protocols that ensure the safety of VIPs. You can be sure that your safety is our greatest concern.

Comfort and style

SilverDrive’s fleet consists of the latest model Mercedes S Class, Mercedes V Class and Mercedes Sprinter luxury edition.

All cars come with the latest comfort features, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

If you need to unwind after a tiring flight or want to prepare for an important meeting, our cars are just perfect.

A service for any occasion

Airport transfers

Of course, SilverDrive’s greet service is perfect for airport transfers.

Our chauffeurs will meet you in the arrival hall, carry your luggage and escort you to your car.

They track flight schedules and ensure your pickup is on time, even in case of delay.

You don’t have to worry about navigating through the often confusing airport terminals and can enjoy direct transfer to your next meeting.

Hotel arrivals and departures

Staying at a luxury hotel or inviting important guests? Use our greet service to ensure a comfortable arrival and departure. Our chauffeurs will work together with the hotel staff and take over all organisational tasks, so that you and your guests don’t have to worry about anything.

Event and congress transfers

Are you going to attend an important event or congress? With SilverDrive’s greet service you can be sure to get there in style and on time.

Our chauffeurs are used to the hectic conditions at busy event locations and offer direct transfers to any congress center or event hall. No need to worry about parking and navigating through crowds.

Seaport transfers

Want to get there by ship? SilverDrive’s greet service is also available for pickups and drop-offs at seaports. Our chauffeurs will meet you in the terminal and carry luggage in a comfortable transfer to your hotel, event or airport.

The SilverDrive advantage

With SilverDrive’s greet service you can choose a service that transportation industry has never seen before. Here is why you should opt for our service:

Firstly, Your personal chauffeur team

We have a strong and highly motivated team that will serve you in the best possible way. From booking to final drop off, they take over all organizational tasks and do everything to meet your requirements and give you an outstanding travel experience.

secondly, Adaptability and safety during your premium ride

Things can change while travelling. Our greet service offers the flexibility to adapt to last minute changes.

If an existing pickup is cancelled or a destination has to be changed, our service can be individually adjusted. Just ask our staff.

Thirdly: Around the clock VIP service

SilverDrive’s greet is available around the clock. Even for early morning flights or late night arrivals our chauffeurs will be there to offer you a comfortable and hassle free transfer.

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Greet service

Finally: Book your greet now

With SilverDrive’s unique greet service you can opt for ultimate comfort, style and security. It is perfect for diplomats, business leaders, celebrities and other VIPs who need additional protection and only the best service. Call us now and book your greet or ask for our supplementary services. For more complex requests you can also send an email to [email protected].

So, Do not accept anything but the best – travel with SilverDrive and enjoy an outstanding experience

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