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Last updated on:
May 24, 2024
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Silverdrive Personal driver has become an understanding, something Dutch people can be proud of. Learn about the story of SilverDrive here.

Fascinated by mobility

From his early childhood, Joshua was fascinated by all aspects of mobility. Playing with trains and airplanes were a joy that for him that filled his childhood with joy and fulfilment. This fascination blossomed to develop until later in life, when he decided to become a mechanic. However, this training turned out to be somewhat disappointing. Craving more cognitive challenge, Joshua continued on a journey on a higher level.

The inspiration

With the help of his father, who had now built up a well-known name in the driving world, Joshua decided to start his own business in the luxury chauffeuring industry.

Companies like Uber have diminished the image and experience that a driver’s ride can provide. Joshua’s motivation and inspiration is to bring this back to the level of how we used to know it: Class, elegance and comfort.

The start of a new career

He decided to bring these three pillars together under the name ‘Safe&Well Personal Drivers’ and started his career in the driving world.

After many years of career and building an international and solid network, Joshua has decided to enter the international landscape to make his level of service available to a larger group of people throughout Europe. This was realized under the name ‘Silverdrive’ Since the inception of SilverDrive, it has been an indispensable partner for many, flawless quality and personal, discreet approach are areas in which Joshua managed to take first place and therefore has an unshakable position in the market put down.

The mission of SilverDrive Personal drivers

Now SilverDrive’s mission is to show you that a driver is more than just a driver. At Silver Drive we do more than just drive. Let us make life easy for you. Choose Silverdrive.

A chauffeur ride can be more than just a move from A to B. It can make the difference for you between a successful day in which you have the energy to tackle all the challenges that come on your plate with a balanced state of mind. Be more present at home and concentrate better on things that matter in your life.

Silverdrive Personal driver at your service.

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